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Thursday, APRIL 14th,  2016 – from 6:30 to 9 PM. Admission is FREE!

Brought to you by The American Society of Inventors

And the Free Library of Philadelphia!


Presentation by The President of The American Society of Inventors, Jeffrey Dobkin

Location:  The Free Library of Philadelphia

 1901 Vine Street (The Parkway at Logan Circle)

Philadelphia, PA

The American Society of Inventors is offering a limited seating presentation on Invention at the Free Library of Philadelphia, Thursday APRIL 14th, 6:30 to 8:30 PM.

If you’ve ever had a great idea – or invention – this is the one presentation you should see.  We promise this seminar will be of great value to you.  The speaker is Jeffrey Dobkin, President of The American Society of Inventors, and a 14-year board member of the non-profit inventor group.

Dobkin’s presentation is fun, funny — and intense – with tips and techniques on all phases of inventing.  An enlightening speech about the practical processes behind every invention and what makes some inventors – and their inventions – successful while others fail.  Summoning the best 57 tips and techniques from his extensive career in direct marketing and his 14 years of assistance to and consulting with inventors in every phase of the inventing process.

Dobkin will present actionable ideas that you can take home and put into immediate use on inventing, patenting, prototyping, design, manufacturing, marketing and / or licensing your invention.  This inventor presentation promises to be the fastest 2 hours of your inventing career.  Write down questions about ideas, inventions, patents, marketing, prototyping, product design, what you need, where you’re stuck and and bring them with you for the Q&A session directly following Dobkin’s presentation.  Bring a pad and pencil – you’ll want to take notes from the plethora of ideas in Dobkin’s well thought-out presentation.

The Board of Directors will be on hand to answer further questions and meet you.  Meet other inventors to see the challenges they are facing, and the answers they found to solve invention problems.  The entire invention process will be addressed in this two hour seminar.  Afterwards the group welcomes attendees to join them for a light bite and drinks at a local restaurant.

It’s a fun evening you won’t want to miss, with frank and honest invention information you can’t find anywhere else.  The American Society of Inventors does not sell any services to inventors so an honest evaluation and discussion of your invention and the invention process is assured.

Jeffrey Dobkin w/flag painting

Jeffrey Dobkin

BIO: Jeffrey Dobkin was one of the featured speakers at the Yankee Inventors Expo for 11 years straight. He has given seminars on direct mail for the US Postal Service, on marketing for AT&T, and has been on the radio over 125 times as both guest and host on shows around the country. Dobkin has written 7 books including the cult classic, “HOW TO MARKET A PRODUCT FOR UNDER $500!”  Five of his books are on successful low-cost marketing and direct marketing methods.  He has written over 250 articles on inventing, advertising, direct mail, magazine and newspaper advertising, marketing and direct marketing.  His articles have been featured in more than 300 magazines.

If you’ve ever had a great idea you thought would make a great product, you can now learn how at this seminar!  Don’t miss this action-packed, once in a great while free event.

Brought to you by the FREE LIBRARY of PHILADELPHIA, and the American Society of Inventors, Philadelphia’s non-profit inventor assistance authority.

The American Society of Inventors:
We are a 55 year old Philadelphia non-profit organization that helps its area members free of charge with free invention reviews, invention evaluations and assistance, a free speaker presentation series, and community events and meetings.  The American Society of Inventors offers FREE INVENTION REVIEWS for area members (membership is $49/year) at their board meetings – now held irregularly. Call for additional information or a membership application: 215. 546. 6601, or email Ruth Gaal, Vice President/Treasurer at

Tickets are FREE for members and guests.  BUT… seating for this event is limited. People wishing to attend should assure their admittance and seat by registering with Ruth or the FREE Library.