Presentation by Jeffrey Dobkin, President Emeritus ASI

~ Jeffrey Dobkin Speaks Out at the Pyramid Club ~
September 27th, 2016

Come and See Jeffrey Dobkin’s Live Presentation

The Top 17 Ideas I’ve Learned in My 35 Year Career in Marketing

~ TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27th at Philadelphia’s own PYRAMID CLUB ~

Come Mix and Mingle with top shelf Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Idea People, Movers and Shakers.  Get inspired, find new marketing avenues, learn how to achieve your next best marketing objectives.  Learn what you are doing right in marketing, and what you are missing.  This will be a lively event preceded by a Ted Talk.

 In this private event, Dobkin welcomes the members and friends of the American Society of Inventors, the country’s oldest Inventor non-profit organization.  The American Society of Inventors goal is to help inventors succeed and move forward with their invention goals.  The ASI offers free invention evaluations to their members at their regular Board of Directors meetings. Jeffrey Dobkin has been on the Board of Directors of the American Society of Inventors for over 15 years. Come join fellow entrepreneurs and people interested in marketing and direct marketing, and in new ideas.

Join other entrepreneurs and learn the marketing challenges they are facing, and the answers they’ve found to solve their own marketing and direct marketing problems.  And listen to Dobkin’s fast and information-rich presentation of the top ideas he’s learned – the hard way – in his marketing career.

This presentation is written for people interested in learning Dobkin’s top marketing techniques and tips acquired over this lifetime career in the marketing field.  This performance and presentation of ASI’s own Jeffrey Dobkin, ASI President Emeritus, is being sponsored by The Pyramid Club of Philadelphia.

Here’s a link for tickets:

The American Society of Inventors: Since 1953…

Since 1953, The American Society has been a Philadelphia’s non-profit organization that helps its area members free of charge with  invention evaluations and assistance, a free speaker presentation series, and community events and meetings.  This presentation is not affiliated with the ASI, and is $15 to all guests.

To take advantage of the American Society of Inventors FREE INVENTION REVIEWS please join ASI (membership is $49/year).  The American Society of Inventors does not sell any services to inventors so an HONEST EVALUATION and discussion of your invention, AND your invention development path and the invention process is assured.

Call for additional information or a membership application: 215. 546. 6601, or email Ruth Gaal, Vice President/Treasurer at rgaal at comcast dot net.

IMG_3389BIO:  Jeffrey Dobkin has written seven books mostly on marketing, but also a few on humor — and his live presentations follow suit.  He has authored more than 250 articles on marketing – some light and breezy, some so technical and academic… he doesn’t even like them.  His articles have been published in more than 300 magazines.  His books include “How To Market A Product for Under $500!” – almost 400 pages of lean, offline marketing techniques.  Topics include direct marketing and creating effective direct mail campaigns, practical methods of how to find the markets for your product or invention, how to generate publicity, advertising and negotiating rates with publishers, and the $500 campaign.  Jeffrey is a area resident of Philadelphia, an avid racquetball player and a fair-weather motorcyclist.  He can be reached at the Danielle Adams Publishing Company most rainy days at 610-642-1000.